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Pokemon Pyschic this is a very interesting game, make sure you will love it. Try playing this Pokemon Game, wish you a good day and thank you for your play game here.

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Pokemon Psychic Adventures Kbh Games Free

Pokemon Psychic Adventures is a ROM Hack of Pokemon Fire Red. This hack is made by EViLGRiN from Pokecommunity, also is his first hack. The best point of this game is mostly storyline. He posted about this idea a few months ago and some people seemed interested, others seemed offended. If you’re offended, please keep in mind it’s just a silly game. This game is not completed and still works in progress, you can only download Beta 1.5 version until now.

The basic idea is, instead of starting with your standard Bulbasaur, Squirtle, etc… you get a Drowzee. Yummy ftp pro 2.0.5 crack. Why is Drowzee? You can find the answer when you play. The gameplay is almost the same as the original version, you still have to go around the world and battle in order to level up your Pokemon, there’s just “more” to do.

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Download corel draw x4 portable windows 8 64 bit. This is the website of Pokemon Psychic Adventures including ROM Download, Cheats, Walkthrough and Guides. We are so glad that you are here. If you are a true fan of Pokemon RPG Games category, don’t skip Pokemon Psychic Adventures because it is really a cool hack.


  • New overworld maps
  • A deep and well organized plot
  • Several areas
  • Old-themed soundtracks
  • Side Quest
  • Surprise ideas
  • And much more!


Whip crack speed. I'm kinda using the same concept as HM01 to 'Cut' down trees. When you talk to a girl, let's say Daisy (PROF OAK's granddaughter), if you have a pokemon with Hypnosis (or any sleep inducing move) you can put Daisy to sleep, once she's asleep you can choose to do some naughty things with her, depending on your Pokemon's level. Same concept if your pokemon knows Psychic (or similar mind attacks). Ideally all girls (that are old enough) throughout the game will be in play. As it stands, only Daisy and the Gym leaders are affected at the moment. I should mentioned that I've swapped out some gym leaders for female ones, Roxanne instead of Brock, Flannery instead of Blaine, Misty is older, Janine instead of Koga and Whitney instead of Lt. Surge (which admittedly is a sloppily done replacement). I'm using roughly the same script for each character, with some small variations, I think it works decently, but let me know your thoughts. It would be nice to have scripts that are more specific for each character, which I'll try to work on later (or feel free to send me any suggestions), but I don't think it's essential to enjoy the game. Plus, they're mostly sleeping and/or being controlled so, they don't say much.

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