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Part FX plug-in, part-synth; Texture synthesises new layers which track the dynamics of your sound. Want to “glue” your hi-hat’s transients by adding dynamic filtered noise? Or how about beefing up that kick drum by automatically adding a low sine wave? Texture makes this easy, intuitive, and fast.

It doesn’t stop at mix enhancement: experimental musicians and sound designers will find a plethora of leftfield effects at their fingertips. How about having bubbling water track a keyboard part, or using an explosion to trigger a sequence of pitch-modulating aftershocks? Texture makes all this and more possible.

Now in version 1.5: import any sample as a texture source, with full access to Texture’s powerful granular synthesis engine.

Da Sunlounge

“An amazing tool to add depth and character to your music. I love it.”

“A neat, cleverly conceived plugin that does a brilliant job of instantly enhancing or altering drums”

“A really useful tool for both electronic and non-electronic music producers, and with the great library it’s a must have.”

“An absolute marvel of a plugin. There is nothing else on the market quite like it. Beef up your drums, make weird risers, glitchy clicks, leads… “

High Rankin

Mouldy Soul

  • 340+ inspirational in-built sounds to choose from…
  • … or import samples to trigger over existing audio
  • Manipulate imported audio with four playback modes
  • Entirely replace drum sounds with new ones, or simply add layers
  • Use as a subharmonic synth for heavyweight bass
  • Instantly add body or bite to drums
  • Emphasise transients by triggering additional hits
  • Add sonic glue to programmed drum tracks
  • Overlay instant dirt with vinyl crackle, tape hiss and digital noise
  • Increase width and depth with percussive reverb tails
  • Generate radical new sounds from rhythmic source material
  • Add organic layers including Foley, crowd noise and ambience
  • Quickly whip up risers and pitch modulated special FX
  • And much more…

With Texture’s new update, you can now import any sample from your collection for use as a texture source, with a choice of four playback modes:

  • Trigger one-shot samples from incoming audio
  • Use Granular playback to redefine a sample
  • Loop the sample and adjust crossfade lengths
  • Chop up and reassemble with Random mode

Importing samples is as simple as a drag and drop from your browser, making Texture a fast, one-stop shop for all your sample layering needs.

VST/AU/AAX plugin for PC (32/64-bit) and Mac (64-bit), Windows 7 or OSX 10.9 or later

Texture is a neat, cleverly conceived plugin that does a brilliant job of instantly enhancing or altering drums and percussion. Computer Music

A fantastic creative tool that you’ll reach for again and again to bring life to your music. Highly recommended! Audio News Room

Excellent tool for beefing up and enhancing all kinds of tracks. Affordable. Gentle learning curve. Use a little or a lot, both work well! Liven up the dullest of sounds. Particularly good on beats and basses. Ask Audio

Texture comes with an extensive sound library:
AC HumAcid HarmonicsAgressive TalkerAir HissAlertAlien FlutterAlways AscendingAnalogue BiRiserAnalogue ClicksAnalogue CrazyAnalogue Crazy Analogue DestructionAnalogue HarshAnalogue Riser Analogue Sharp SweepAngry DogAngry FlyA SyncBamboo RattlesBay AmbienceBeach AmbienceBeatsBeautiful Drone BelloidBell Tree Big DroneBig Pad ABig Snare VerbBlowerBomberBottle BubblesBPF SweepBP SweepBrightBright LightBright Verb BrokenBrush BristlesBrush Bristles Bubbles Cave AmbienceCave WaterCeleste BCello Drone ACello Sustained DChewyChina ChoralChoral ClustersCircular SawClap Reverb ClavesClownConstant Rock CrackingCosmic DroneCrash CrushCustom CrashCustom Crash Custom EFX CustomTambSweepCymbal Noise Dark VerbDark Verb DeepDeep RushDeep Rush DensityDestructionDictaphone HissDigital NoiseDigital Pink NoiseDigital White NoiseDistant SeaDistorted SweepDistorted Sweep Dripping WaterDrum Resonance Drumsticks WoodRollEdgy DroneEggShells End LoopEpic DroneExchangeExplosion Rumble Extreme RiserFemale AhhFemale AiryFemale AtonalFemale Breath LoopFemale EeeFemale EhhFemale Hum FFemale OoawFemale Pure EbFemale Speech (Russian)Female Sung FFemale VowelsFemale Vox Female WhispersFemale YeahFender Twin HumFerry DeckFibres RustlingFilterSweepFire RumbleFlange CrashFMFM NoiseFuzzy DroneGasStoveGibson GR HumGlass ChimesGlass DebrisGlass On DjembiGongGrating PlasticGreelGrey NoiseGrinding GearsGrittyGuiroGuitar ScrapeHand DrierHarmoniousHarp MajorHarp MinorHeavy BubblesHeavy Crackle HiHat HissyHorrorIce CrackingIce Cracking Interval ChatterJuno NoiseJuno Noise ChorusLaserLeatherLeaves CrunchingLeslie SlowLight WallaLow RumbleMad ModMale AhhDownMale DeepMale Hum DMale NoiseRiserMale ShoutMale Talking Male Vocal Breath LoopMale Voiceover (American)Male Voiceover (Italian)Male Voiceover (Scottish)Male Vowels CMale WhisperingMale WhistleRiserMarker PenMechaMedium Crackle Metal & Plastic RattleMetallic Bass Metal ToneMicrowave OvenModularMonster Voice Moog NoiseMovementMovement NasalNoisy EaterNut JobOrchestral MajorOrchestral MinorOrchestra TuningPad Chord AminorPaper CrumplePaperCrumplingPaper TearingPerc VerbPiano Minor APianoTexturePlasticBagPlastic BagPlastic ClicksPlastic RatchetPlastic ScrapingPlastic Scraping Plastic SqueakingPleasentPowerChordPump MotorQuiet Crackle ” Ride RadioNoiseRadio Noise Rasp RaveChordResonant Noise Ride Bright Ride Dark RideNoiseRide Noise Rise BrightRise CombRise DarkRise flightRise ShatterRise TransformRoboRumble Running WaterSaw ScreechyMotorSedate DroneShaker — PlasticShaker — WoodShineySine OscillatorSinsterSmall Crowd ApplauseSmallMotorSmall StonesSmoothSmooth BuzzSnareClapVerbSnare Reverb SpinnerSpiral StackerSplash SpookySpring Laser GunSquareStaticStopStorm RumbleSuspenseSuspense SwellSync MinorSynth Chord — AmajSynth Chord — AminSyntheticThunderTamborine TapeNoise_TensionTortured VocalTrace Elliot Hum HighTrace Elliot Hum LowTraffic And BirdsViolin Single AViolin Trem F#Water Filling BasinWater Trickle Whistle MultiWindy CaveYeah Any references to any brands, instruments and equipment, are descriptive. We do not have or claim any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rest with the brand owner.

  • Over 340 sampled, granular and generative sound sources onboard
  • Import samples and play back in granular, loop
  • Advanced envelope with attack, hold and decay controls
  • Dual filter, to quickly shape your chosen texture
  • Independent EQ sections for the wet and dry signal paths
  • Source-specific synthesis controls include colour, pitch, density and octave
  • Modulate a Texture’s controls and filter cutoff using LFO and envelope signals
  • Tweak the response to the source signal with the sidechain filter
  • Squash the Texture sound using limiting and make-up gain
  • Global control of Texture level, Mix and Master level
  • Intuitive user interface, for fast results

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Thanks to Chris Nugent, Natalia Data, Duncan and Esmat Faiz-Fisher, Jay Benham, Will Biggs at Challow Park Studios, Rich Defazed for their help with creating, recording and engineering the content.

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